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Preparation For Surgery


This information is to help you have a smooth surgery and recovery and it applies to the following surgeries:

  • Adenoidectomy
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Adenotonsillectomy
  • Grommet Insertion

Preparation for Surgery:

  • The nurse will guide you in filling the insurance forms when necessary.
  • Theatre booking will also be done by the nurse and she will issue you with an admission letter.


  • The doctor will have explained to you in detail about the surgical procedure to enable you give an informed consent.
  • Fasting is required before surgery and the nurse will inform you when to start fasting.
  • You will meet the doctor in the ward prior to surgery.


  • The procedure is done under general anaesthesia.
  • Time for surgery is approximately 30 Mins to 1 Hr.
  • Post-operatively you will be in the recovery area for monitoring as you will still be drowsy due to anaesthetic drugs.
  • At this point a nurse will closely monitor you. For children, a parent/guardian may be allowed to keep the child company.
  • Pain medication will be administered during and at the end of the surgery thus pain will be well controlled.
  • More pain medication will be administered in the ward.
  • Any fluids or solid food will only be taken on instructions from the nurse.
  • If you will be going home on the same day, the nurse in the ward will advice when you are sufficiently recovered from anaesthesia to go home.

Recovery at home:

  • There will be throat pain that will be worse when swallowing.
  • Pain in the ear may occur after day 3 – 4, this should not cause alarm as it is referred from the throat.
  • The tonsil area will appear white for about 2 weeks. This is not pus or a sign of infection
  • Pain medication prescribed should be adequate for 7 – 10 days.
  • Dryness in the mouth, change in taste, pain when yawning may last up to 3 months post surgery.
  • After adenoidectomy, there may be some snoring for about a week. This is temporary and will disappear with healing.
  • After insertion of Grommets, care should be taken to avoid water going into the ears.
  • Stick to the advise of your doctor on schedule of how the pain medication is to be taken.
  • After removal of tonsils, strictly stick to soft diet even if pain is well controlled. Take lots of fluids and eat a balanced diet.
  • Avoid spices, too much salt and citric fruits/juices during the healing process.
  • You are encouraged to be active during healing. Avoid straining, manual work or gym workouts.
  • Adults may take up to 2 weeks before they can resume their normal duties.
  • At the time of discharge, you will be given the doctor’s number so that you can contact the doctor for any problem during your recovery period.
  • Confirm with the doctor on when it is safe to travel after the surgery.



This may occur few hours or days after surgery. If clots are noted in the mouth or spat out with saliva, please call the doctor or clinic immediately. You can also call the clinic nurse during working hours on any concerns with regard to the surgery.

On Discharge:

  • If a sick-off note is necessary, please remind the doctor at time of discharge.
  • Remember to call the clinic immediately after discharge to schedule a post operative review.