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Why do people get nosebleeds? It is alarming for you or your child to nosebleed. However, most are not serious despite bleeding from the nose been a common condition. The most common causes are nose picking or irritation of the lining of your nose due to dry air, common cold or sinusitis. The most crucial […]

Nose Fracture

What is a nose fracture? Trauma to the nose can fracture the nasal skeleton or the cartilage. There are different patterns of nose fractures depending on the direction (side or front) and the strength of the force (moderate or severe) applied. Is a nose fracture serious? If the bone is only cracked, the fracture is […]


Overview Labyrinthitis is a condition that causes both hearing loss and dizziness and balance problems. It is sudden in onset and can be severe. Often, the ill feeling is present for days then it starts to get better. However, the symptoms at times can last for weeks. Causes Doctors aren’t too sure what causes labyrinthitis. […]

Ear Infections (Otitis Media) in Children

Overview Ear infections, also called otitis media, are a common problem in children. About 50 percent of infants have at least one ear infection by their first birthday. Ear infections can cause pain in the ear, fever, and temporary hearing loss and general signs such as loss of appetite and irritability. Some children get better […]

Dizziness and Vertigo

References Dommaraju S, Perera E. An approach to vertigo in general practice. Australian family physician. 2016 Apr;45(4):190. Shephard NT, Solomon D. Practical issues in the management of the dizzy and balance disorder patient. June 2000. The otolaryngological clinics of North America. Saunders. Approach to dizziness. 2013 Disclaimer The content on the Nairobi ENT website is […]